Erik Almenberg

Erik Almenberg

Innovation Strategist & Account Director at Doberman

Stockholm, Sverige
  1. Doberman
  1. Motorola,
  2. Yahoo!,
  3. imagegami
  1. Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology
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I lead teams, design experiences and ship new products and services. Twenty years international experience in both software and hardware in San Francisco, Chicago, London and Stockholm.

I love working with anything that genuinely improves the lives of people. I am particularly interested in digital transformation; bringing advanced technologies to consumers as well as in transforming industries, such as healthcare, through person-centered solutions.

My diverse toolbox is based on design thinking, agile principles and lean startup-methodology. I am especially skilled at synthesising diverse and cloudy situations into clear options and coherent strategies that rally people through successful implementation.

I believe that great product can change the world.


  • Innovation Strategist & Account Director

    – nu (4 år 11 månader)

    Currently Strategist and Account Director at Doberman where I co-develop client briefs, design projects and lead cross-functional teams through user insight to launched products and services.

  • Principal Experience Planner & Creative Director, Converged Experiences

    (3 år 6 månader)Chicagoområdet, USA

    Design leader in Converged Experiences business unit, a merger of the Mobile and Home devisions focused on the future of smartphones, mobile computing and television.

    Led experience planning and UX design for Motorola Webtop - the worlds first phone driven computing experience - pioneering a new paradigm and a new product line. Critical to revamping a credible leadership position for Motorola. Promoted internally as an agile model for how to develop new products. Won Best Smartphone at CES 2011.

    Other notable projects include: MediaLink 1.0, Droid Pro, various vision projects, portfolio hypotheses and global research projects. Typically working in tight collaboration with product management, marketing, engineering, design and research.

  • Senior Product Planner, Product Discovery Group

    (1 år 1 månad)Chicagoområdet, USA

    Led global qualitative consumer research project on emerging media habits. The team performed home visits, expert interviews and observational work in Chicago, San Francisco, Seoul and Milan. The data was analysed and synthesised into a foundational framework that informed multimedia projects across the company.

  • Senior Design Strategist

    (1 år 8 månader)

    Innovated the first successful online video advertising product with a 400% lift in user engagement. Pre-launch prototype won $10 million in ad spend. Evolved into the US IAB standard ad format for video in 2008.

    Led design of margin and engagement-boosting experiences for the Yahoo mobile web portal and marketplace domains, while also stepping into a design manager role in an environment challenged by leadership changes and employee layoffs.

    Researched success factors of design teams at Yahoo and developed a framework, detailed action plan and new metrics for improving the internal design organization as well as leveraging design strategically across the company.

  • Founder, design manager, product developer

    (1 år 11 månader)Stockholm, Sverige

    Started and ran profitable small design management consultancy.
    Developed first integrated brand/design management tool for Electrolux to support evaluation and decision-making around design concepts within each brand portfolio.

  • Design manager, product developer

    Ytterborn & Fuentes Design Management
    (2 år 9 månader)Stockholm, Sverige

    Developed brand strategies, design platforms, product systems and brand environments for clients such as Saab Automobile, Absolut Vodka and iittala/Hackman. Managed prototyping, production and implementation, coordinating suppliers and budgets up to $700 000.

  • Co-founder, project manager, designer

    Peekaboo Design
    (11 månader)Stockholm, Sverige

    Co-founded design consultancy specializing in projects integrating physical products with digital content. Profitable in its first year.
    Acquired by Veryday in January 2004.

  • Designer

    Ross Lovegrove Studio
    (1 år 2 månader)

    Designed interiors, furniture and luxury accessories for diverse clients such as Airbus, Herman Miller and Tag Heuer.

  • Junior designer

    (1 år 1 månad)Stockholm, Sverige


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  • Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology

    Master of Design Methods, Design PlanningMaster of Design Methods, Design Planning

    Hybrid design and business degree focused on effective tools and processes for repeatable innovation.

  • Berghs school of communication

    Certificate in Marketing Communication, Marketing Communication and brandingCertificate in Marketing Communication, Marketing Communication and branding

    Half-year part-time professional program with coursework in branding, marketing, market communication and media planning.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Industrial designBachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Industrial design

    Coursework in trend research, visualization, prototyping, product semiotics, manufacturing methods and materials.
    Focus on product form as communication - the body language of brands.


  • English

  • Swedish

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